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Orcières Merlette ski school ESI ORCIERES 1850

06 80 57 60 30


ESI ORCIERES 1850 school

Place des Queyrelets. Le Queyrelet 2, 05170 ORCIERES 1850 , France
06 80 57 60 30



Orcieres 1850' skiing school opened its doors at the beginning of the winter 2006-2007

The school is a part of the international skiing instructors union ( sims), and it
has signed the quality charter of the international schools of skiing. It has a duty
to offer his students the best quality of teaching, and this obviously starts with
collective courses with a limited number of students ( 6 for beginners and
snowboarders, and 8 for the other classes). This will allow a much better
individualization of the teaching, to insure a deeper security and to improve the
conviviality of the group.  

All of our skiing instructors hold a degree of Sport Instructors' State License,
skiing option ( BEES). Some of us also hold a degree in mountain guiding and
leading and in paragliding. 

The skiing school also owns an agreement delivered by the Ministry of Sports that
confers it prerogatives allowing us to train practically new instructors.

We offer skiing courses and snowboarding courses for every level, for children from
4 years old of for adults from 13 years old, in private or collective lessons. 

The school is entitled to use priority ways to every ski lift. 

We deliver level notebook as well as free medals for children.

ESI ORCIERES 1850 ski school at Orcières Merlette

Located in the Southern Alps massif, the ESI ORCIERES 1850 ski school offers you 11 activities such as Monoski newschool, Private lessons , Competition stage
Contact us at Orcières Merlette for more informations. Phone: 06 80 57 60 30. Email:

Orcières Merlette

Discover the resort

Orcières 1850, est une station ensoleillée entre 1850 m et 2725 m pour un enneigement de qualité.
Située au coeur de la vallée du Champsaur, en bordure du Parc National des Ecrins, elle compte plus de 100 km de pistes, à seulement 45 mn de Gap, 2 heures de Marseille et 1h30 de Grenoble.

La station d'Orcières 1850, autrefois nommée Orcières-Merlette, a fêté en 2012 ses 50 ans. Elle n'a cessé depuis ses débuts d'évoluer afin d'offrir des pistes de qualités, des équipements sportifs performants, n'oubliant pas "l'après-ski". De nombreuses activités y sont proposées, parapente, chien de traineaux, tyrolienne géante, ski de fond...

Alors... rejoignez-nous cet hiver !       

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